Who we are

Our Church Family

Redlands Community Church is a caring church body made up of old and young from various walks of life with various struggles and one thing in common— we all are great sinners in need of a great Savior!

Our Faith

We are a reformed, evangelical, Christian congregation whose denominational affiliation is with the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is a young, fast-growing denomination, committed to the Word of God and the theology of the Protestant Reformation. "Presbyterian" refers to the representative form of church government that we practice. Spiritually qualified men, called elders (presbyters) are elected by the congregation to rule and direct the church under Christ, its Head. For more information about the PCA, please visit our denomination's website.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a worshiping community that proclaims the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed in order to see as many as possible converted, established in the church, and equipped to serve the world.

Our Values

Our core values can be summerized under three headings:

  • The Power of the Gospel: We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16-17). When lived out in its biblical fullness, this message has life-changing power for people, communities, and cultures.
  • The Priority of the Church: We believe that the purpose of the gospel is to create a new community, which is the body of Christ, or more simply, the church (Matt. 16:18; Ephesians 2:13-22). The church is a sign, an instrument, and a foretaste of the Kingdom of God.
  • The Place Where God Has Called Us: We believe that God has placed us here in order to live out the values of his kingdom in our communities (Matt. 5:3-16; Acts 1:8; 17:26). Location is not an accident! God calls us to serve our local community and the entire South Dade area with the love of Christ, and to seek to spread the good news of his kingdom to the whole world.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is big and simple: to celebrate Christ and serve our community.