God is always working to extend the message of His salvation to the ends of the earth. Graciously, He has allowed Redlands to participate with Him in this mission. This church has made overseas missions a priority from its beginning, and now it is expanding its reach into new areas around the world and providing new ways for the Redlands family to get involved.

Please Pray for Our Missionaries:

Alex Agha-Khan, Church Centric Bible Translation, Unfolding Word

Rosemary Bolton, Southeast Asia, MTW & Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wayne and Ann Curles, Southeast Asia, NOVO

Jim DeWitt, Worldwide, Mission to the World

John Grotenhuis, South Africa, Middle East Reformed Fellowship

Don and Fran McNeill, Uganda, Mission to the World

Nelly Vos, France, Mission to the World

MERF, Middle East Reformed Fellowship

Habitat for Humanity

Eve's Hope,  Pregnancy Crisis Center